Microgen Energy Canada is proud to be North America’s newest distributor for Stirling Engines – microgrid power generation from nearly any heat source requiring extremely low maintenance.

The Stirling Engine provides clean, highly-reliable power with maintenance cycles on the order of years, and can accept a wide range of fuels including sour gas, propane, and even hydrogen.

Stirling Engines

What is a Stirling Engine? A Stirling engine uses an external heat source to heat an internal working gas. The heating and cooling of the working gas is converted to mechanical energy, that is then converted to electrical energy via a magnet/stator assembly.

Hydrogen and Biofuels

Microgen Energy Canada is pioneering an industrial hydrogen fuel network in Western Canada. We are achieving this by providing engines that are compatible with hydrogen, biofuels and mixed fuels, partnering with like-minded companies to accelerate research, development, and commercialization, and strategically positioning our fit-for-purpose power generation system within the oil and gas industry. We are actively using hydrogen and biofuels as industrial fuels.

Clean Technology Development

Innovation core to our technology extends through the system it supports. We’re actively engaged with industry partners to bring the best solutions into operation. This isn’t just about reducing emissions – we’re changing how things are done through innovation, experience, and teamwork.

Microgen Energy Canada is engaged with owner-operators and technology providers to bring the Stirling Engine to industry.