Methane Emission Programs

Microgen Energy Canada is committed to the Canadian emission reduction efforts. We have designed our product line with many of the methane emission reduction incentive programs in mind. In addition to supplying technology, Microgen Energy Canada, in partnership with Obsidian Engineering, is able to apply for the incentive/grant program on behalf of our customers. Since the grant is based on you as a company rather than on a per-project basis, we recommend including all or most of your facilities in this project to gain maximum value from the grant. We have a lot of experience with several emissions reduction technologies and would be happy to file on your behalf and discuss how best to upgrade with the support of a grant.

Facility owners and operators: We evaluate your facilities to ensure maximum value from the upgrade, procure, install, and commission the new equipment on your behalf while leveraging all available programs. Contact us about generating cashflow through Emissions Offsets or Emissions Performance Credits.

Technology developers: Leading the pack is challenging and lonely work – let’s work together to ensure we all win. We’re actively collaborating on industry-changing applications and are on the lookout for new ideas and applications!

Give us a call today to discuss your options and how we can help you!